Article: They target COSATU aiming for the riches of South Africa

On March 9th, 2016, I participated in the 3rd National Political School of Poprcu, representing the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).
There I was surprised to hear a Professor, which I met for the first time, uttering extreme lies for the role of ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions) and ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) and slandering the class-oriented trade union movement in South Africa. Without the least bit of shame, Professor Roger Southall presented huge lies.

There addressing the Political School of Popcru, I responded to Professor Roger Southall with the following words: “Mister Professor is spreading such lies either because he is uninformed or because he is being paid by someone. In both cases he is greatly responsible for his actions”.

During the Political School, I also heard an impressive fact by comrade Solly Mapaila, 2nd Deputy General Secretary of the SACP who mentioned in his speech that more than 1,000 people from Africa amongst them 100 South Africans have been given scholarships in USA to study at Langley, Virginia, which is the headquarters of the CIA, by imperialists and multinationals in order to return to Africa and found political parties, trade unions, social organizations and NGO’s! This way, what the bourgeoisie and the monopolies lost in the political level in South Africa since 1994, now they are planning to take back. For this plot to succeed, the main barriers that they have to overcome are the SACP, COSATU and the ANC.
This strategy is plotted by the World Bank, by the International Monetary Fund, by the Commission of the European Union, by the USA and their allies. The implementation of this strategy, however, is being handed over to several institutes, NGO’s, to the ITUC and various trade unionists in Europe.
Therefore, with more information I returned to my office in Athens and I started researching and gathering more documents about the topic. Militants from Germany helped and oriented me towards the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES).
Friedrich Ebert (1871-1925) was the socialdemocrat who betrayed the heroic struggle of the German working class and the revolution of the German Workers in 1918-1919. Commemorating his role in the German socialdemocracy against the German working class, the Capitalist Germany founded the FES. Main objective of this Foundation is to corrupt cadres of all levels and to promote the strategy of the German and international bourgeoisie.
The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung is funded by the Government of Germany. Just in the year 2013 its budget for international interventions was 153 million euro!
This is the Foundation that by my surprise is promoting Professor Southall and his book with the provocative title “COSATU in Crisis” slandering COSATU and supporting the foundation of new trade unions.


From the website of FES in South Africa

From the website of FES South Africa
I personally have no place to say if COSATU does everything 100% correct or not. However, I understand that such efforts, with such sources and resources have no intention of improving COSATU or doing any good for the workers movement in South Africa or anywhere worldwide. They aim to attack COSATU and lay the grounds for the political power of the ruling class.
Professor Southall of course is not the only such case. There are unfortunately, other such scientists and specialists who are being funded to obey the strategy of the international bourgeoisie and imperialism.
The same tactics and mechanisms are operating in Asia, in Africa, in Latin America, worldwide. In their manpower, they also utilize trade union leaderships and trade unionists from Northern Europe. People who in their countries are corrupt and reformists. Such people are also used by the leadership of ITUC in their continuous effort to divide and fragment the trade union movement, to intervene in the internal affairs of the trade unions, to use large sums of money with the forms of trade union seminars to corrupt trade unionists and trade unions.

FES South Africa

From the twitter account of FES South Africa

I am of the opinion that the efforts of the imperialists to divide the popular movement in South Africa are facing challenges. They see that their efforts have no significant results. The strategy of the imperialists is in crisis and their crisis is what they are trying to present as crisis of e.g COSATU in this case. Hence, the title of the book “COSATU in Crisis” sponsored by Germany. This is not a random title. It presents the difficulty of the imperialists to weaken and divide the trade union movement in South Africa and their own crisis of succeeding in their fragmentation strategy and the creation of many weaker and manageable trade union splinters.
Our duty as trade unionists is to expose these plots to the working class, to confront these plots and to organize the class-oriented trade unions in leading their struggle until the abolition of the capitalist slavery.

Nikolas Theodorakis,
Lecturer of Trade Union History,
Philosophy Dept, University of Patras, Greece

Greece, Athens – 31/3/2016



WFTU addressed the Political School of POPCRU in Johannesburg, South Africa

WFTU addressed the 3rd Political School of the South African Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) with more than 160.000 members that took place in Johannesburg, as part of the preparation events for the 17th World Trade Union Congress.

WFTU, which was represented by comrade Nikolas Theodorakis, of the organizing committee of the 17th World Trade Union Congress, highlighted the importance and the goals of the 17th World Trade Union Congress which will take place in Durban, SA on October 5-8. WFTU also stated the importance of trade union education and acknowledged the initiatives of POPCRU in the field of raising the political consciousness of its members.

The Political School of POPCRU has become an example of trade union education with the participation of COSATU leadership, political leaders, trade union and academic experts who addressed the school. The school was attended by POPCRU members, a number of COSATU affiliates and international guests.


1st Poster of the 17th World Union Congress


The first poster of the World Trade Union Congress published in English, soon will be published in French, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese. We call all the affiliates and friends of WFTU to use for the promotion of the 17th World Trade Union Congress in Durban, South Africa, 5-8 October 2016.

WFTU announces 17th World Trade Union Congress

17th World Trade Union Congress


Struggle – Internationalism – Unity

Forward! for the attainment of the contemporary needs of the working class against poverty and wars generated by capitalist barbarism

The World Federation of Trade Unions is honored to invite your Organization to be represented at the 17th World Trade Union Congress which will take place in Durban, South Africa on 5-8 October 2016. South Africa was chosen as the host of the 17th Congress in recognition and respect of the heroic land of South Africa and the expression of Internationalist Solidarity with the people of the entire African Continent.

At a time when the International Working Class is affected by:

  • The International Capitalist Crisis.

A crisis which intensifies the ruthless competition between the monopolies and forces the implementation of anti-labour and anti-peoples policies that seek to impose the burden of the crisis on the shoulders of the toiling masses. The labour, social and trade union rights are under attack. Privatizations flourish and unemployment rate is skyrocketing. The quality of life is degrading.

  • The inter-imperialist contradictions that generate new wars and conflicts.

For the control of natural resources, markets, roads for transport of goods and the control of new territories, the competition between the imperialist forces and their satellites is being intensified day after day generating new wars, conflicts and interventions in different countries.

  • The reconstruction of the political sphere.

The two main poles, the social-democrats and the neoconservatives which are represented by new or older parties, are utilized by the capitalist system to transform the indignation of the masses against the anti-peoples policies into passive or active support for the policy of the ruling class.

  • The struggle of the working class and the toiling masses worldwide.

Struggles unfolded in all parts of the world during the past years. Many of them, great and heroic, had to deal with the brutal reaction of authorities and the capitalists who responded against the fair struggles with arrests, imprisonments of militants and even murder of trade unionists. The workers struggle against the anti-labor and neoliberal anti-people policies is the positive perspective that can open up new roads for the reconstruction of the trade union movement.

The working class needs stronger, more dynamic, more mass based, more class-oriented, trade union movement, Trade unions with deep and stable roots within the industries, within the multinationals and within all sectors, to defend its rights and demand “the attainment of its contemporary needs against poverty and wars generated by capitalist barbarism”. Move “Forward” with struggle, internationalism and unity.

The 17th World Trade Union Congress gives the call to go“Forward!” to the international working class and the international class-oriented trade union movement.


  • on the historic background of the successful 16th World Trade Union Congress which took place in Athens, Greece during April 2011 with the participation of 828 delegates from 101 countries, and
  • on the continuing upward movement of the World Federation of Trade Unions in the period 2005-2016 which today represents 92 million workers in 126 countries,

the WFTU is organizing an open, democratic, class-oriented and internationalist Congress in the heroic land of South Africa.

The World Federation of Trade Unions as well as the South African working class have struggled side by side from the very first moment against the racist apartheid regime for a world without exploitation of man by man, for a socialist world and continue till today the struggle for the defense of the workers and people’s rights.

South Africa, the land of the heroic liberation and anti-apartheid struggle, the land of the militant and heroic SACTU, the land of Moses Mabhida, J.B Marks, Mark Shope and thousands of other known and unknown fighters, the land of the heroic South African working class is ready to whole-heartedly welcome the 17thCongress delegates that will arrive from all around the world to discuss and resolute:

  1. The Report of Activities of the WFTU from 2011-2016
  2. Report on Finances
  3. The Plan of Action for 2016-2020
  4. The Election of the Leadership of WFTU.

Air Transport (to King Shaka International Airport Durban – DUR) must be covered by the participants.

The number of the delegates each organization is entitled to, will be announced soon. In order to meet financial needs of the 17th World Trade Union Congress, an open financial Campaign will be launched for the collection of funds from workers contributions. The Organizations Members and Fraternal Organizations are kindly requested to send their fees on time.

Registrations for the Congress open on May 1st 2016.

For more information please contact through the emails:

Greece: The WFTU Poster Exhibition inaugurated with great success

The International Posters Exhibition of the WFTU  inaugurated yesterday with great success in Technopolis Art Center of Athens, Greece. In the exhibition 70 posters are displayed, published in the period from 2006 to 2016, 70 great positive steps of action and important initiatives.

In the inauguration ceremony greeted comrades Artur Sequeira, from Portugal, Hariharan Mahadevan, from India, Nikolas Theodorakis from Greece and Valentin Pacho from Peru.

Poster Exhibition Presentation

Greece, Athens: International Posters Exhibition presented by WFTU on 1-6 February 2016

The World Federation of Trade Unions is organizing an Exhibition of International Posters on 1-6 February 2016, in “Technopolis Athens”, the building of the old Gasworks Factory which has been transformed into a Cultural Center by the Municipality of Athens.

The Official Opening of the Exhibition will be held on February 2nd, 19:00.

More than 60 Posters of the period 2006-2015 are included in the Exhibition depicting the problems and the struggles of the international working class though the rich activity of the World Federation of Trade Unions. The Exploitation, the Occupational Accidents, the Poverty, the Labour Migration, the Imperialist Wars, the International Capitalist Crisis as well as the international appeal for the Celebration of 1st May and the International Action Days, the expression of solidarity with the people of Palestine, Cuba, Colombia, the struggles for the workers rights, the basic and contemporary needs though the eyes of the class-oriented artistic view of the members of the World Federation of Trade Unions.

The Exhibition is the first International Initiative of the World Federation of Trade Unions which will be followed by many others worldwide ahead culminating to the 17th World Trade Union Congress hosted in Durban, South Africa on 5-8 October 2016.

The International Poster Exhibition will be presented in other countries as well.

South Africa: The preparations of the 17th World Trade Union Congress started

The Organizing Committee composed by the South Aftican Trade Unions which have undertaken the organization of the 17th World Trade Union Congress held a meeting yesterday in Johannesburg and today will meet in Durban.

The committee is composed by Trade Union leaders of the largest organizations in South Africa. The discussion was substantial and in militant spirit. The planning for hosting the most important trade union event for the class-oriented movement has started.

On behalf of the WFTU central offices comrades Nikolas Theodorakis and Anda Anastasaki are present during the meetings.


WFTU Statement on the Occasion of the 13th African Regional Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“WFTU and workers in Africa fight side by side”

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its solidarity to the struggle of the workers and the people of the African Continent.
Since its foundation in 1945 and up to today 70 years later, the WFTU has been struggling shoulder to shoulder with the working class and the people of Africa against slavery, colonialism, racism for national independence, imperialism and has contributed greatly to the organization of workers and the creation of trade unions, the empowerment and the strengthening of their ideological, organizational and militant level.
During the last decade, the important activity of the WFTU in Africa which is continuously enriched, the affiliation of new members from the African counties to the WFTU and the important initiatives that have been taken by the WFTU for the enhancement of the internationalist solidarity with the struggles of the workers in Africa show how much the World Federation of Trade Unions prioritizes the most hurt and plundered continent of the world, the continent which is the richest in natural resources with the poorest and most suffering workers.

The wealth of Africa belongs to its people and working class

Africa is rich in wealth-producing resources. 85% of the African production of oil comes from Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Angola. In Africa there is Uranium, Natural Gas, Diamonds, Gold, Petroleum, Cobalt, Iron, Platinum, Agricultural Production etc. These resources should be able to cover the vital needs in infrastructure, in telecommunication, in transportation, in energy, access to water, electricity, social services, healthcare etc. The lack of which torment the workers in Africa. Stable work, good wages, social security, better working hours, social security, healthcare and social services, safe houses and safe workplaces could be implemented in practice if only the raw materials and the agricultural production where not looted by the monopolies and the local capitalists but where controlled and used by the people of Africa.
The World Federation of Trade Unions calls in common action against Unemployment, for the respect of Collective Bargaining, of the Trade Union Rights and the Right to strike, Contemporary Workers Rights, Better wages that can cover the needs of the modern family, public social services and utilities, public and free Healthcare and Education.
The WFTU calls in common action against the monopolies for the lives we deserve, for the satisfaction of the modern needs of the workers and the people of Africa.
The WFTU strongly believes in the dynamics that the class-oriented trade union movement in Africa can develop in order to confront the acute labour problems of the workers in Africa, to utilize the wealth-producing resources and the production exclusively for the benefit of the people of Africa and not for the profits of the international monopolies and the local bourgeoisie. The class-oriented trade union movement in Africa can develop such characteristics that will make it capable and strong to lead effectively the workers movement, to transform the rage and frustration of the people into victorious struggles based on the interest of the workers and their social allies. The WFTU puts all its efforts and power into this.
The WFTU and its members in Africa and internationally struggle to build strong class-oriented, democratic trade unions against reformism and corruption. We build a strong workers trade union movement in alliance with the poor peasants, the self-employed, the youth. WFTU builds international solidarity and common struggle of the international working class per sector, per region and internationally.

For all these historic and contemporary reasons, the Presidential Council of the WFTU has decided that the 17th World Trade Union Congress will be hosted by COSATU and its affiliates in October 2016 in South Africa.

WFTU struggles for the contemporary workers rights against imperialism and capitalist barbarity

The developments in Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Mali, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Somalia as well as in Middle East, in Syria, the threats against Iran etc. unfortunately prove that the imperialist forces are ruthless.
No people are safe, as long as the imperialist aggressiveness intensifies. These wars are taking place for the oil, the gas, the uranium, the gold etc. and have no relation with the excuses about “wars for democracy”, “war against terrorism”, “war against nuclear threat” etc. If the enemy does not exist, he is manufactured.
The WFTU denounces the terrorist organizations and the acts of terrorism. These groups were created, trained and equipped by the imperialist forces. Their activity is aiming to destabilize the countries of Africa and the Middle East, to prepare the ground for the intervention of the imperialist powers in the internal affairs of the countries.
The action against the monopolies and imperialist is crucial in this direction. The global capitalism, especially in the European Union and the USA is continuously drowning in the international capitalist crisis dealing with its own contradictions. As this life and death competition of the big monopolies intensifies, they look for new resources for energy, minerals, other resources and compete for the control of regions and territories. Fostering terrorism, internal conflicts and civil wars they want to persevere, bring chaos and control the economies and the governments of the countries.
The WFTU calls in joint action against the imperialist aggressiveness. Each people has the right to choose his present and future without foreign intervention.


South Africa: WFTU High-Level Delegation at the 12th COSATU National Congress

WFTU high-level delegation is these days in S. Africa to participate in the 12th National Congress of the COSATU.  The delegation is led by WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos and is composed by Swadesh Dev Roye, Deputy General Secretary, Divanilton Pereira, Director of International Relations of CTB Brazil and WFTU Coordinator for South Cone, George Bazionis, WFTU Communication Officer and Alexandra Lymperi, Media and press department of WFTU.

In the framework of the Congress the WFTU delegation hold a meeting with the WFTU affiliated organizations’ leadership and the COSATU President, Sidumo Dlamini.

The WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos, addressed the COSATU Congress  on November 25th, 2015. In his speech he underlined: “We are not yesterday friends, we are not temporary colleagues… We are old comrades, we’re fighting side by side since the founding of WFTU” he also called the South-African people to continue their struggles, to strengthen the class-oriented unions against monopolies and capitalism.

During his speech he emphasized on the aim of the foreign interventions aiming to paralyze the workers’ movement in South Africa in order to exploit the natural wealth of the country and officially announced that the 17th WFTU Congress will be held in S. Africa hosted by COSATU and all other WFTU affiliates.

In an honorary move, on behalf of the WFTU leadership, the WFTU delegation awarded comrade Eric (Stalin) Mtshali for his contribution in the development of the class-oriented movement.

Also the WFTU delegation hold a meeting with the leadership of South African Communist Party in a spirit of comradeship, where matters of bilateral interest were discussed.

During the congress the creator of the 3rd winning poster of  WFTU Poster Competition, Austin Mutsaa, was also awarded for his efforts.

WFTU Africa Regional Office observes Action Day

526486_351040521698756_418785114_n    WFTU 3rd OCTOBER ACTION DAY Seminar

A Total of 180 shop-stewards and officials of CEPPWAWU, NEHAWU, NUM, NUMSA and POPCRU joined by COSATU 1st Deputy President, SACP, and representatives of Friends of Cuba Society, Wits University GLU (Students), Communist Party of Swaziland, Zimbabwe Communist League, Malawi Congress of Trade Unions, Lesotho Trade Union Congress and the Young Communist League of South Africa, attended on October 3rd a seminar organized by WFTU Africa Regional Office in Johannesburg, South Africa under the theme “ Fight for your rights, a decent life for all” demand for Food, Water, medicine, Books and Housing.WFTU Day of Action 3mx2m Banner_PRINT






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